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Our Deep Tissue Massage offers you Powerful Pain Relief

Massage Therapy

When you trust your care to Kirkman Chiropractic, you’ll find we use a variety of therapies to get you out of pain and keep you that way. One of the strongest therapies in our arsenal is deep tissue massage.

Getting you out of pain and back to what you enjoy

Unfortunately, sports, occupational, auto and other injuries often create a “vicious cycle of pain.” The initial inflammation you experience from an injury brings about reduced range of motion and reactive muscle spasm. If not dealt with appropriately, these restrictions can become chronic, leading to additional complaints as well as improper healing.

Deep tissue massage therapy helps to relax muscle spasms, relieving tension and stress while stimulating healing. In fact, under the guidance of our team, deep tissue massage therapy can be a very powerful key to getting you back to what you enjoy doing.

Here are just a few of the ways our deep tissue massage therapy can help:

  • Increases blood flow to aid healing
  • Releases “trigger points” or “muscle knots” for immediate pain relief
  • Brings nutrients to your muscles to help build and repair them
  • Stimulates the healing of injured muscle fibers
  • Improves balance among muscle groups to help you prevent future injuries

Feel Better Today!

The team of certified massage therapists in our Orlando chiropractic office are ready to help you take that next step towards total health and well-being. Call Kirkman Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment!

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