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Don't Miss "ARCH" Madness at Kirkman Chiropractic

While Valentine’s day might be over, we’d like to continue helping you show your body some love—and this March, we’re focusing on your feet with an incredible special!

During the month of March, we’re offering a FREE digital foot scan for any patient. Simply ask us at your appointment! If it looks like you might benefit from custom orthotics and would like to continue, we’ll also give you $40 off of any cash purchase.

How Can Custom Orthotics Help?

We believe that everything starts with the feet! Custom orthotics can help to properly support your back, knees, hips, ankles and pelvis by providing a balanced, symmetrical foundation for the body. Custom orthotics can also help:

1. Retrain muscles and ligaments
2. Properly distribute weight and absorb shock
3. Lead to improved biomechanics

Our team will gladly examine your foot scan, watch how you walk and perform a manual exam in order to make the best recommendations for you. After all, every patient is unique—which makes every foot unique.

Don’t miss March Madness at Kirkman Chiropractic— contact us to book your next visit!
Arch Madness orthotic flyer.

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